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Polly+Morfs : Almost everyone deserves a twinkie [Wed | 120909 | 2207]


morf: here is my list of really annoying things that some game designers did totally wrong in 2009.

morf: i'm serious, if you did any of these then i am henceforth revoking your right to call yourself a games developer or even designer.

(blackboard) -> Made ZERO games.

morf: everyone else; and there are many of you, deserve a really, really, big twinkie.

Ernest Adams as a prime culprit here, he sure sounds like a busy professional anyway, ie. most of the content is not even provided by him.

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Polly+Morfs : Two Thumbs Down [Tue | 120809 | 0445]


morf: it seems that "h4x0r5" require educating about memes.

polly: i remember when mr dawkins coined that word.

morf: here is everything you need to know about memes in one simple statement.

polly: who knew this would be the result.

morf: thumbs up is superman, thumbs down is goatse.

polly: lol, anus.

it's true, see.

How is memes formed?
How I get memes?
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Polly+Morfs : Lucky.Lucky.Luck.Luck [Mon | 120709 | 1734]


morf: stoopid itchy google sucking up to the damn chinese

polly: uh?

morf: i liked using

polly: damn straight

morf: now i have to change everything to

polly: if you turn it upside down it means death

it's true, see.

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Polly+Morfs : You and Me, we're from the streets [Wed | 120209 | 1755]


hax: quick chaps, we must escape this cultural ghetto and secure my future! who’s with me?!

polly: who was that masked man?

morf: i don’t know but he sure was cute.

polly: smelled like bullshit though.

i just wish the dude would just make up his mind.

educating the audience vs dumbing the audience vs educating the audience vs what?

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Polly+Morfs : Let there be light [Mon | 113009 | 0232]


polly: fiat lux, isn’t that a car?

morf: of course it is!

polly: but wikipedia tells me it’s a cult.

morf: oh?

morf: well, cult / car - same thing.
you get in them, you go places.

only in germany and switzerland tho.

also, this is not an attack at scientology. may xenu guide you.
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